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What’s Involved with a Generator Installation?

It all begins with a site visit from Vermont Generator Systems - your local KOHLER dealer. We will help you choose the perfect size generator, the right fuel source and the best installation locations for your generator and transfer switch. Proper installation is critical to the performance of your new KOHLER Power System.

The Process

Most installations are done within just a matter of days. And Vermont Generator Systems will take care of it. We will manage every detail of your new KOHLER Power System and see the job through from the initial sale to completion.

1. VGS will deliver, level and set the precast concrete pad, and move your generator in its predetermined location.

2. The electrician will install your transfer switch. Electric lines will then be connected from your ATS to your generator.

3. Once the electric is hooked up, your gas company will make the proper connections from the fuel source to the generator.

4. After electric and fuel is hooked up, VGS will return to do your initial start up and inspection, provide a tutorial on your new system, and file your KOHLER warranty with the factory. Your generator is now ready to protect your home or business.

If you want get a quote, schedule a site visit or just want to talk to a professional, call us today! (802)698-8125 or kimber.vgs@gmail.com.