This means your generator is most likely in fault mode and WILL NOT OPERATE until you clear the fault. It will not run its weekly test cycle again, nor will it turn on automatically in a power outage. You must immediately RESET your generator and clear the fault. A reset must be done each and every time your generator activates a fault code that displays on the control panel if you see a flashing red light appear on the controller and/or if the generator does not start. (Note: the directions are different for resetting your generator during a power outage versus just resetting the generator when you have utility power. Be sure to use the correct instructions when resetting.)

Immediately reset your generator using the instructions for resetting your generator during a power outage.

NOTE: 5W-30 synthetic oil is so clear it appears invisible to some. Look carefully (check the back of the dipstick for easier viewing of current oil level) and you will see the oil on the dipstick. Always refer to the user's manual.

Generators that are running for long periods of time need to have the oil checked every 24 hours of run time to keep the oil filled to the proper level. As always, consult your owner's manual with questions.

AFTER you have gone out to your generator and tried to reset it, if you find that the fault will not clear, call our main office at (802) 698-8125, 7 days a week for assistance. If you have any non-emergency questions regarding your generator, call our office during normal business hours: Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Your generator will automatically exercise every week, on the same day of the week, at the same time of day. Please note that daylight savings time will change the exercise time by 1 hour. Your normal utility power will NOT be interrupted. This is simply an exercise period for the generator engine and usually lasts no longer than 20 minutes. Exercising the generator weekly is required to keep the engine and alternator in good operating condition. If you have not heard your generator exercise in a while, please do a reset on your generator immediately.

VGS offers two different annual preventative maintenance/service plans for Kohler brand generator systems. For more information, visit our preventative maintenance page or Contact [email protected] to enroll in a service plan today.

You should service your generator annually. Visit our preventative maintenance page for more information or Call (802) 698-8125 to schedule a service.

You must make sure that your generator has all overgrowth of vegetation removed during the summer months. Most residential generators are air-cooled and must be able to intake and exhaust air from either side of the generator to operate properly. Coverings of any kind must NEVER be placed over your generator at any time.

Please be sure your generator NEVER GETS BURIED IN THE SNOW. It is imperative that you make sure that the generator is shoveled out when more than 6 inches of snow has accumulated. Most residential generators are air-cooled and must be able to intake and exhaust air from either side of the generator to operate properly. If snow covers the louvers on the generator cabinet, it will block the air and, therefore, may create a failure to start.

Very few structures may be built that meet safety codes. Please call us at (802) 698-8125 to schedule a site visit BEFORE building any structure because of codes and clearances that must be met.

VGS will come to your home or business at no charge to evaluate your standby generator needs. We will look at the square footage of your home/business and review your current service panel, along with the items you wish to be powered during an outage. Depending upon what items need to be powered, we will determine the size generator you would need. In addition, we will walk you through professional recommendations as to where the generator could be placed and how standby power works. Typically, we will follow up with a formal quote the next business day. Call us to schedule a free site visit at (802) 698-8125.

Yes, we do. Click HERE to make a payment online, or call (802) 698-8125.